Is your son a vigilant recycler? Is your daughter a passionate vegetarian? Is your niece an idealist who wants to change the world? What are they doing this summer? 

There are camps for teens who like volleyball or theater or want to lose weight. But what about kids who want to make a difference in addressing global warming or homelessness or homophobia?

Youth Empowered Action Camp (YEA!) might have the answer.  It's a summer camp for young people ages 11 to 16 who want to make a difference in the world. The aim of the camp is to inspire teens and tweens to make a difference by developing skills, knowledge, confidence and community. In its second year, YEA will be held in two locations this summer, one just outside Santa Cruz, Calif., and the other in Portland, Ore.

Kids at YEA camp learn communications, leadership and campaign skills. When they leave, they will have chosen an issue of importance to them and having created a plan to help. 

This certainly sounds like something that would have been right up my alley when I was a teenager. And I really love the activity on the agenda entitled, "A Million Ways to Make A Difference." What an awesome way to get kids thinking outside the box about creative solutions to he world's problems. I wrote this morning about the onslaught of green teens and eco-kids who are taking a stand on environmental and social issues and inspiring changes to make things better. I'm glad to know that camps like YEA are taking these kids seriously and giving them the tools they need to make a difference.

Oh, to be young again! 

Check out YEA Camp for details.

Summer camp for young activists
Summer camp program teaches concerned kids how to harness their talents to make a difference in the world.