Whether you're into the Super Bowl for the game, the neighborhood party, or the commercials, the Super Bowl is a fun game to watch with family and friends. Even if your kids aren't football-fanatics, you can keep them entertained and part of the fun with crafts, games, and activities that help them follow along.

Here's how to have some Super Bowl Sunday fun with the whole family:

1. Face paints. Get kids in the spirit for the big game with a variety of face paint ideas. If you have a wide range of kids at your party, let older kids paint the faces of the younger ones. Kids can paint a football or a firework on their cheeks or go full-face paint in their favorite team's colors.

2. Decorations. Have a small table set aside both before and during the party that kids can use to make football-themed decorations. You don't need anything fancy - just crayons, paper, scissors, and glue ought to do it. Kids can make decorations to hang up during the party, a sign for their favorite team, or draw a picture of rainbows and unicorns of they need a little escape from the game.

3. Host a paper football tournament. During the commercials (or during the game if the commercials are more your thing,) host a paper football tournament for kids and adults. If you've never played, you can watch a lengthy - but info-loaded - tutorial here. Keep track of the scores throughout the evening and be sure to hand out prizes to the champ.

4. Play bingo. Keep the kids interested throughout the night with fun football-themed bingo. You can find free printable cards online- try this one to follow the game, or this one if you'd rather play using the commercials.

5. Make a game room. If the game is slow, kids are bound to get bored. Set out some games, cards, and other toys in another room to jump start spontaneous play and give kids a break from the television.

Are you ready for some football?

Super Bowl Sunday fun for all ages
Whether they love the game - or the commercials, here's how to make your Super Bowl party a family-friendly event.