One-year-old Layla Grubb has the world's coolest dad. He has found a way to inject a little whimsy into what might otherwise be a mundane and potentially tantrum-inducing trial for his daughter.

Layla has a small cataract in one eye and needs to wear an eye patch. She wears the patch over the good eye to strengthen the eye with the cataract. Layla has to wear the patch every single day and as you can imagine, she doesn't love it. But her dad, Geof, makes the process more fun for everyone by making a custom patch each day for Layla to wear.

Layla Grubbs wearing the old-school Apple logo on her eye patch

Layla Grubbs wearing an eye patch

The designs for Layla's patches have so far included a Mutant Ninja Turtle, Wonder Woman, the old-school Apple logo and even googly eyes.

Layla Grubbs wearing a Hobbes the tiger eye patch

Layla Grubbs wearing a 2015 eye patch

Layla has been wearing her custom patches for a few hours every day for the last eight months. And thankfully, her dad tells Mashable, her vision is getting stronger. 

Layla Grubbs wearing a Star Wars eye patch

Layla Grubbs wearing a Lord of the Rings eye patch

Geof posts a new photo every day to Instagram of Layla and her custom eye bling. His favorite so far has been the Calvin and Hobbes patch. Layla's favorite? According to her dad it's any patch that she gets to take off.

Follow them at LaylasPatches to see what Layla — and her dad — will come up with next.

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