Most 4-year-olds are fans of superheroes, or police officers, or firefighters. Little Carter Lawson of Knoxville, Tennessee, has a different hero: his mailman.

For the last nine months, Carter has had a standing date with his neighborhood mailman, known affectionately as "Mailman Mike," to visit and walk the streets. Carter and Mike walk hand-in-hand through the neighborhood, delivering mail and chatting with the neighbors.

Carter's mom, Cassie, even got her son a matching, pint-sized postal service uniform so that he could look the part while walking the route with his buddy.

“Every letter carrier has stops he looks forward to, and this is the one I look forward to every day,” Mailman Mike told WBIR News. “He’s the the best part of my day. Not just because it’s at the end, but because he’s such a cute little guy.”

Mike told the station that the two really hit it off over the hot summer months, when Carter started bringing his mailman some water and a snack. The mailman reciprocated by bringing the preschooler candy and letters.

Now, the two are inseparable, even if it's only for a short period of time each day. And their time together has fueled Carter's dream of someday becoming a mailman, too.

Carter and his mom are already planning a tour of the post office so that the 4-year-old can visit his buddy behind the scenes. Check them out in this clip from WBIR:

The sweet friendship of Carter and 'Mailman Mike'
4-year-old bonds with his local hero, and he even has his own pint-sized postal uniform.