Just in time for Earth Day, there's a new book out from Green Sugar Press that helps teach kids the A to Z's of going green. Written by Tim Magner ad illustrated by Aubri Vincent-Barwood, "An Environmental Guide from A to Z," combines soft, eye-catching illustartions with well-written environmental prose to help kids develop a deeper understanding for the natural world and the history of environmentalism.

From the Green Sugar Press website:

"The Environmental Guide from A to Z uses people, places, and concepts to reveal how the countless pieces and parts of nature weave, connect, and link everything together. "

What I liked most about this book is that the author went above and beyond the standard green rhetoric to find truly fascinating eco-information for each entry. Sure, it covers the basics about recycling, greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, trees, and water. But with each turn of the page, you and your kids will also learn something new as you read about xeriscaping, Inuit eskimos, South American environmental thinker Paolo Lugari, plankon, and Vietnamese naturalist Vo Quy.

Each section also helps kids to relate what they're reading about to their own surrounding environment, with questions like "How many types of insects live in your backyard?" "Have you made a map of your local community?" and "Ever grown a tree?" Basic enough for a kindergarterner, but challenging enough for a twelve year old, An Environmental Guide from A to Z is an excellent read to share with your kids this Earth Day.

Teach kids the ABCs of going green
Eco-book gives early readers a solid background in ecology and environmentalism.