My kids have thoroughly enjoyed gardening this summer.  They like the whole enchilada ... picking out weeds, planting seeds and (they sometimes like this one too much!) ... hands down, their favorite part is picking out the finished product.  I love that they love to watch things grow.  But I've often thought that my kids were only seeing part of the story.  So I was psyched to come across these books and toys  that show kids what's going on under ground in our garden.  

Root-Vue Farm: The Root-Vue Farm lets kids watch roots develop through the plexiglass planel in the planting box. The kit includes growing box, soil and seeds for carrots, radishes and onions.  For best results, be sure to plant the seeds as close to the plexiglass as possible.  Then just sit back and watch the show!  $25

Toysmith Garden Root Viewer: The Toysmith Garden Root Viewer is a simpler version of the Root-Vue that includes three 5 1/2" plastic root viewers, soil, seeds (carrots, onions and radishes) and instructions.  This toy is easy to use and it gives great results.  $10

Wiggling Worms at Work: Written by Wendy Pfeffer and illustrated by Steve Jenkins, Wiggling Worms at Work lets kids read and see about what worms are doing under the surface to make a garden so successful.  The book talks about how worms improve the quality of soil and covers the basics about the animal's body structure, movement, diet and reproduction.  It also includes a guide to encourage kids to check out the worms in their own backyard.  Written for the 4-8 year old age group.  $6

Teach kids what's under the garden
Help kids discover what's going on under ground in their garden with these fun eco-books and toys.