It's Teacher Appreciation Week! Have you let your child's teachers know how awesome they are yet?  


I know this post is coming along a little late in the week, but I'm kinda proud to admit that I've been spending so much time actually working on events to appreciate the teachers at my daughters' school that I forgot to write a post about it!  


Still, it's not too late to show your kids' teachers some love. In fact, it's never too late. Even if you miss it this week, take a moment next week or the week after that to send in a note. Trust me, for all of the whining and complaints these teachers put up with all year long (from parents as well as students), they deserve the moon.  And if you can't give them that, the least you can do is send a heartfelt note.


Want to take it up a notch? Here are some quick and easy ideas to show your appreciation:


Extra love. Give a pack of of Extra gum with the note, "You Are Extra Special" on it.


S'more fun. Fill a baggie with a graham cracker, a chocolate bar and a marshmallow and included the note, "We need S'More teachers like you.


Cuttin up. Give a new pair of scissors with the note, "You're a cut above the rest!" on it.


More ideas?


Bake a batch of brownies and send in the fixins' for brownie sundaes. Or chip in with a few other parents to host a pizza party in the teachers' lounge. How about this personalized calculator? Or this fun in the sun summer tote bag?  


Whatever you do, just be sure you do something to let those teachers know how much you care.  

Teacher Appreciation Week: Easy ways to say thanks
Easy ways to say thanks for Teacher Appreciation Week. Let your kids' teachers know how much you love them with these easy ways to show you care.