I don't how things are in your neck of the woods these days, but in my neighborhood it is just plain hot. One of my kids' favorite things to do on these hot summer days is to splash around in the water. They aren't picky -- it could be a lake, a pool, or a puddle and they will splash in it to their heart's content.  And I'm happy to let them splish and splash the summer away...until their love of water involves turning the hose on.  Then I get a little freaked out by the amount of clean water that is wasting away down the drain. To appease my conscience, and keep my kids in cool water, we make every effort to conserve water throughout the summer.  Here's how:

  • Give it a squeeze: I teach my kids to put some oomph into it when they are turning off the faucet. Even little drips send a lot of water down the drain.
  • Reading is magic: My girls love to read The Magic School Bus: At The Waterworks, by Joanna Cole. It’s a silly story about a trip through the fresh water cycle that will give your child a better understanding of how her water gets to the faucet.
  • A greener shade of guilt perspective: Check out The Ryan’s Well Foundation, founded by first-grader Ryan Hrelijac, an organization that aims to raise awareness and funds for children in other countries who do not have access to clean water.
  • Keep ’em cool: With all of our other efforts to conserve water, I don't feel nearly as guilty when the kids beg to turn on the hose. But I do make the water do double-duty.  We use the sprinkler in an area where the lawn or garden needs it the most so that the water splashes off of the kids and on to the plants.