Like many high school seniors, Massachusetts teen Bernie Zak found himself on the wait list at his dream school - in his case, the University of California, Los Angeles. But unlike most teens, Zak didn't just sit around and "wait" to see what would happen next.  

Taking the advice of his sister, a social media promoter, Zak created a Twitter campaign, "#ACCEPTBERNIEUCLA" in the hopes of increasing his odds.  He planned to send @UCLA 50 tweets about why they should accept him.

His tweets included messages such as:

“#32 @UCLA should accept @berniezak: When there's a billion dollar Bernie Zak Athletic Center, you'll be glad he attended #AcceptBernieUCLA.”


“#33: After Boston traffic, navigating LA will be easier than a Bruin fighting a Trojan.”

And my favorite:

"Reason #34 @UCLA should accept @berniezak: he looks like @DavidHasselhoff when he runs down Santa Monica beach #AcceptBernieUCLA"

After 18 tweets, Zak learned that his Twitter campaign had paid off.  Well, UCLA says that’s not why he was admitted, but Zak thinks it certainly didn't hurt.  

Either way, this ambitious and innovative student got himself the school of his dreams, and UCLA got itself one clever new student.

Will Zak's social media campaign change the way kids apply to colleges?

Teen uses Twitter to get into UCLA
Massachusetts teen turns to social media to get off his dream school's "wait list."