Dušan Krtolica is not your average doodler. While most of us may draw stick figures, hearts or swirls, 13-year-old Dušan is drawing intricately detailed scenes that will absolutely blow your mind.

A true prodigy, Dušan has been creating art since he was 2 years old, according to his website. He has already had six national solo exhibitions and has fans in every corner of the globe. Take a look at some of his work and you'll see why:

Dusan KrtolicaDušan loves animals of all kinds and learns everything he can about the animals he sketches. (Photo: Dusan Krtolica/Facebook)

Dusan KrtolicaDušan is a big fan of birds in particular and loves to watch them fly and to read about them in books. (Photo: Dusan Krtolica/Facebook)

Dusan KrtolicaDušan is currently writing and illustrating his own encyclopedia of prehistoric animals. (Photo: Dusan Krtolica/Facebook)

Dušan loves to study wildlife and sketch what he sees and learns about in books. According to his Facebook page, he learned to draw even before he could walk. He hopes to create his own illustrated encyclopedia of animals and to one day become a zoologist.

Despite the buzz, Dušan has not yet sold any of his work. He notes on his website that his parents want him to keep as many of his first works as possible. Still, it's a safe bet that the young teen will soon fulfill his wish to have his art all over the world.

Dusan KrtolicaDušan's artwork is so intricate that he often needs a magnifying glass to complete it. (Photo: Dusan Krtolica/Facebook)

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