I just had to share this video I saw the other day that highlights the problem of plastic bag pollution in our modern society.  

This video is specifically geared towards the San Fransico Bay, but it could have easily been made in the Coos Bay, Biscayne Bay, or even my beloved Cheseapeake Bay.  

The statistics may differ, but the reaility is the same: plastic bag pollution is increasing at an alarming rate, affecting our rivers, oceans, and our bays.  

Plastic never biodegrades in the water.  

Instead, it leaches poisons and chemicals into waterways, wetlands, and the rest of the environment.  

Worse still, wildlife often become entangled in plastic bags and mistake pieces of plastic for food.  

So what's the answer?

For starters, get in the habit of carrying your own reusable bag.

Next, lend some support to groups like Save the Bay that are promoting policies to ban or issue a fee for using single-use plastic and paper bags.

Ireland instituted a levy on single-use bags in 2002, and in its first year, plastic bag litter dropped by 93% and plastic bag use decreased by about 90%.

Seven years later, and these dramatic reductions have become the norm in Ireland.

It's the bag vs. the bay...and I really want the bay to win!