For those who love the idea behind the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts but don't love the uniforms, traditions or constrictive rules, there's a new scout in town that might just be a better fit. Hacker Scout organizations are popping up around the country with the goal of helping kids develop technology and DIY skills to master new techniques and earn badges along the way.

Hacker Scouts are open to both girls and boys aged 8 to 14. And they work on less traditional badges than say the Girl Scouts "Making Friends" patch or the Boy Scouts "American Business" Merit Badge. Hacker Scouts work toward achievements such as "learn to solder," "aerial quadcopter," "n00b," and "Dumpster-diver" — "for when you get dirty but get some free stuff."

One site that Hacker Scouts use to earn badges is My girls and I just got sucked in to the vortex of cool badges and activities on that site, and I'm pretty sure they plan to spend the remainder of today's snow day earning the "Yeti" badge. Sounds good to me!

For more on the Hacker Scouts, check out this cool infographic from 

Forget Boy Scouts, Here Come Hacker Scouts

There's a new scout in town: Hacker Scouts
Hacker Scouts are coed clubs where kids aged 8 to 14 can earn badges in everything from special effects wizardry to Dumpster diving.