Anna Sexton knows how to make time stand still.  "When I was a child, I was so intrigued that a mere click of a button could make time stand still, a moment could be frozen, and a memory could be made to last forever. Through the years, and with the births of each of my children, my fascination was transformed from a hobby to what I believe I was just meant to do,"  she says.

Its a good thing, because this busy mom of three from Dunkirk, New York needs all the time she can get.  As a wife, mom, cat owner, photographer and paper maker, Anna is always busy and always looking for ways to keep it green.  Here's how she does it:

JS: What inspired you to go green?

AS: I have always been a big nature lover. The move to go green was a slow progression at first. It started with our desire to want to simplify our lives and home. In the past 6 months or year, I got more involved with learning about being eco friendly. Once I started to realize how much waste and pollution existed in our society, I really felt the need to green our lives and fast!

JS: How do you and your family go green?

AS: We have always been very conscientious about our use of gas and lights, and recycled cans & bottles. More recently, we stopped using disposable containers, paper napkins, towels and plates, we unplug many things when not in use. We were recycling all of our paper products (which cut our garbage from 4-5 bags per week, down to only 1-2 for a family of 5). Now I am making my own handmade and plantable paper using our paper. We use handmade eco friendly soaps and laundry detergent. I stopped using store bought cleaners and dryer sheets and now use natural & eco friendly alternatives like pure white vinegar to clean and soften laundry. We own two vehicles that are more gas efficient (Honda & Toyota). We walk to anywhere that we can, especially in the warmer seasons of the year.

JS: What eco-innovation or invention would make your life easier?

AS: I would love to see a litter box that cleans litter for re-use (we have three cats). I would love to see more affordable, eco friendly vehicles (esp larger ones for families). I would love to see some sort of washer & dishwasher (would love to have one of those!) that purify and re-use water so that it is not drained and wasted after each use.

Find out more about Anna at her websites, A Moment A Memory and Greetings That Grow.

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