I apologize in advance for this, but you may need to break out the tissues for today’s roundup of posts. I don’t know if it’s all of the tragedy in the news lately or what, but it seems like the Web has been flooded with tons of heart wrenching posts. And the ones that have touched me most deeply have been the ones about mothers. And children. And children who overcome incredible circumstances. And mothers who love their children fiercely. 

I figured rather than spread out these posts and make you weepy all week, I would hit you with them all at once. So here you go. Grab a box of tissues and a cup of tea and get ready to read some beautiful posts about moms and children.

For every mom who wonders if she matters. This post written by Jim Higley, is a tribute to his mom who passed away 38 years ago. That Higley’s mom still plays such an enormous role in his life, even though she has been gone from it longer than she was present in it says something about just how strong the bond between a mother and her child can be.

Photos of children from around the world with their most prized possessions. This blog post sucked me in from the first picture. Yes, I know that children in other parts of the world don’t have as much as many children in my little piece of the world. But to see the differences displayed so clearly in these images made for a powerful and provocative argument about just what it is that children around the world consider valuable.

Little one, you are so loved. I wish that I had written a letter like this to my children before they were born. A letter that captures so clearly the excitement, anticipation and exhaustion involved in carrying a baby — particularly while you’re simultaneously attempting to care for other babies.

To this day”… for the bullied and the beautiful. Finally, I leave you with this poetry performance by Shane Koyczan. In this piece, Koyczan shares his experience as a bullied kid who held on to the beauty of the world so that he could block out the pain in his heart and transform it into strength. FYI, there is a touch of salty language in there, so don’t click on this one at work or when the kids are around.

Happy weekend! Now go dry your eyes and give your kids a big hug!

'To this day' and other heart wrenching posts
Grab your tissues and a cup of tea. It's time to read a roundup of tear-jerker posts from around the Web.