Amid fears over radiation levels in food and in the air, Japanese residents now have a new radiation worry: the water. Health officials announced this week that infants in Tokyo should not drink the city's tap water due to elevated radiation levels.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government tested water in three of the 11 plants that supply water to greater Tokyo. At one plant that supplies almost of quarter of Tokyo's drinking water, government officials detected 210 becquerels per kilogram of iodine-131 — double the government's allowable 100 becquerels limit for infants.

Officals warned Tokyo residents that exposing babies to tap water — either by drinking the water or using it to make infant formula — could cause long term health effects for the babies.

Tokyo officials are working to distribute bottled water to every household in the capital where an infant is living — about 80,000 households.  

Tokyo water found unfit for babies
Health officials issue warning after high radiation levels are found in Tokyo's drinking water.