Wow, who would have thought that a candy with the name Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge would be bad for your kids? I sure didn't see that coming.

But it's true — and it's worse than you think. The candy bars, made in Pakistan, are being recalled by their Indianapolis distributor, Circle City Marketing and Distributing (aka Candy Dynamics,) because the bars were found to contain excessive levels of lead.

A recent test performed by the California Department of Public Health found that one lot (#8288A) of the cherry-flavored chew bars contain elevated levels of lead — as much as 2.4 times the limit set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). After further investigation, the company has decided to recall all flavors of the product ever made.  

For once a product's label accurately describes what it contains! But seriously, the really scary thing is that these candies were marketed as a "green" product because the label supposedly included green tips for kids.

For information, read the complete FDA recall notice or call Candy Dynamics at 317-228-5012 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST).

Toxic waste candy recalled
"Toxic" candy was marketed as green but in actuality contained high doses of lead.