Would you buy an iPad or a Kindle for your child? Toys R Us is betting that you will. Just in time to cash in for the holidays, the toy retailer has released a new Wi-Fi enabled tablet for kids, complete with front-facing camera, apps, games and parental controls.


The tablet, called Tabeo, reportedly comes preloaded with more than 50 apps, including kid favorites such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. It will also have 10 educational apps and a few book apps. Most importantly, it comes with parental controls that can be uniquely set for up to eight different users. It will also allow parents to set what days and times their children can access the Web.


The Tabeo is set to launch on Oct. 21 and retail for $149.99. Call me old-fashioned, but that price seems a bit steep for a cutesy gadget geared for toddlers. Particularly when you can spend about the same amount on a Kindle Fire that the whole family could use. But maybe this is the new era of technology gadgets. Maybe we have reached an age where there is a chicken in every pot and a tablet in every lap.  


Will your kids find a Tabeo under the tree or menorah this year?


Toys R Us releases $150 tablet for kids
Toys R Us releases $150 tablet for kids. The Tabeo tablet features apps, games, a front-facing camera and parental controls. The tablet comes preloaded with mor