If Halloween is still a go in your neighborhood tonight, it's more than likely that your kids are looking forward to filling up their buckets with candy and goodies that they plan to gobble up over the next few days. But hundreds of dentists across the country want to encourage kids to trade-in that candy - and they are paying cold hard cash and a chance at prizes to those that do.

More than 1,000 dentists across the country are participating in the Halloween Candy Buy-Back program, which gives kids the opportunity to swap out their extra Halloween candy for cash or coupons.

What do all of these dentists want with your kids' candy? The event is organized by Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization that collects Halloween candy to send to troops overseas. And dentists see it as a win-win for kids because they come out a little bit richer and they save themselves the hassle of future cavities or gum damage.

According to this Fox New story, some dentists are sweetening the deal by also offering a chance at prizes such as a iMac or iPad for kids who hand over their loot.

I don't think my kids will go for this deal. At their age, they prefer candy to cash and could not care less about the prospect of cavities. But I could see where some kids might be tempted. Do you think your kids would trade-in their Halloween candy for cash?

To find local dentists participating in Halloween Candy Buy-Back, check out www.halloweencandybuyback.com.

Trade-in Halloween candy for cash and prizes
Dentists across the country are offering cash and a chance at prizes for kids who trade-in their Halloween candy.