Many babies develop a common condition called cradle cap when they are little...or redness and flaky skin on the scalp. Cradle cap is like the baby version of dandruff, as it's caused by overactive oil glands on the scalp and face.

It may look unattractive, but the good news is that it probably doesn't bother your baby in the least. Cradle cap is not contagious and in most cases it is not considered a serious condition. Some pediatricians may recommend a cortisone cream or dandruff shampoo for stubborn cases of cradle cap, but for many babies, the condition will go away with more natural care.

If your baby does develop cradle cap, try one of these natural home remedies to reduce or eliminate the buildup of scales and restore your baby’s head to its natural beauty. For severe cases of cradle cap or unusual amounts of spreading, talk to your baby’s pediatrician to make sure that the skin does not become infected.

Gentle washing

If your baby develops cradle cap, it does not mean that his hair is dirty, but the condition may be alleviated by frequent gentle washing and massaging of the scalp. Use warm water and a very gentle shampoo to cleanse the area and a soft brush to brush the scales away. Repeat this procedure for several days until you see a lessening in the buildup of scales.


Try massaging a small amount of a natural oil such as olive oil or tea tree oil into your baby’s scalp. Rub the oil on your baby's head, use a soft brush to brush the flakes out, and then cleanse the area with a gentle shampoo.

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Treating cradle cap
How to treat your baby's flaky scalp without using an arsenal of chemicals.