I love a good craft project, especially one that's easy and inexpensive. Make it eco-friendly as well and I'm in heaven. So I'm pretty excited about this new book coming out in a few weeks that's loaded with craft projects that suit me to a tee.

Refashioned Bags: Upcycle Anything Into High Style Handbags is a new book by green sisters Faith and Justina Blakeneys that's headed to stores this November. The book has 25 very cool, very doable craft instructions for making bags made out of recycled and repurposed materials. We’re not talking about just making a bag out of a T-shirt (although I think that's a great project too!) This book is all about the high-fashion end of going green and recycling. The finished product literally looks like a work of art. You'd never guess it actually started out as a shower curtain, a tablecloth, a skirt or a plastic bag.  

For each project, the sisters give low-sew or no-sew instructions for turning these everyday items into trendy, one-of-a-kind clutches, totes and messenger bags. Here are some of the projects you'll find in the book:

  • Burlap Shopper - No one wants to be seen carrying a plastic bag; it’s bad for the environment and your wardrobe! Make your own tote and shoppers out of an old burlap coffee sack and some scrap fabric with a fun print. Nothing will say “going green” more than a do-it-yourself shopper.
  • Boho Hobo Bag - In love with a skirt that’s seen better days? Give it a fresh start as a handbag! With just one A-line skirt and a few buttons, you can bring functionality to an old favorite while still maintaining the style that you just had to have in the first place.
  • Towel-It Tote - If you have a towel that is just too cool to be confined to the beach or bathroom, turn it into terry-cloth carry-all! Don’t just bring it to the beach, use it all year long for so you can bring a bit of the sun and sand of summer where ever you go.
  • Plastic Bag Fusion Clutch - Create an eye-catching clutch out of an everyday black plastic bag. It can go from running errands to a night on the town while safely storing the essentials — cell phone, wallet, lip gloss. Don’t leave home without it!
Turn a towel into a tote
Turn a towel into a tote or a quilt into a diaper bag with ideas from this cool new book.