Tired of scouring the toy store shelves looking for that perfect gift for your child? The one that really captures his unique and creative spirit? Look no further than a Budsie, a doll created from your child's artwork.

Budsie dolls are plush toys designed to resemble — as closely as possible — your child's artistic creations. The dolls are the brainchild of Budsie founder Alex Furmansky, who says he was inspired to create toys from doodles after admiring his younger sister's drawings, only to see them later get tossed in the recycling bin. Yet he noticed that her stuffed animals took on a much larger role in her play time. By turning his little sister's drawings into stuffed animals, Furmansky said it enabled her "quirky childhood artistry to live forever."

So how do you go from crayon doodles to a soft, cuddly toy? Furmansky is rather secretive about the creative process on the backend of making a Budsie, claiming that the toys are made with "a sprinkle of fairy dust, a pinch of magic, and a wave of the wand." But all you need to do to order one is take a photo of your child's drawings and upload or email them to the Budsies website. In five weeks, your child's new lovey will arrive.

The process is similar at other companies in the United States that make dolls from drawings such as Child's Own Studio, My Own Cuddly and Sunny Little Studio. Prices and wait times vary for each vendor, but you can expect to wait at least three to five weeks for delivery once your order is accepted. 

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