Amy Kalafa of Weston, Conn., had been concerned for years about the foods her kids were eating at school. She packed her kids lunches everyday while battling with her school district to improve school lunches. Around the same time, Susan Rubin of Chappaqua, N.Y., was enganged in a similar fight in her own school district. Susan decided to take the fight beyond her school district, and founded Better School Food, a grassroots organization that aims to raise awareness about the connection between food and children's health, behavior and learning. And with childhood obesity and malnutrition rates on the rise, Amy, a documentary filmmaker, decided to take the food fight to film. The result ... "Two Angry Moms," a documentary film that follows Susan's Better School Food movement and Amy's quest to learn how to get better food in their kids' schools.

The documentary includes interviews with chefs Alice Waters and Ann Cooper who have reinvented school lunches in Berkley, Calif., as well as chef Tony Geraci who supports student-designed meals in New Hampshire. The film shows not only on what is wrong with school food, but also offers strategies for improving the foods served in school cafeterias.

Two angry moms start a food fight
Two moms start a grassroots movement to get better food in their kids' schools.