Looking for some family friendly music to add to your collection? Want music that's fun but not maddeningly monotonous or sickeningly sweet? How about music that gives a nod to your efforts to go green? A new album called The Big Picture by Uncle Rock might just fit the bill.  

The Big Picture is a socially conscious salute to Uncle Rock’s (aka Robert Burke Waren's) musical heroes. The CD's 12 original songs (and two covers — Carol Burnett’s theme song and Tom T. Hall’s Sneaky Snake) offer sonic nods to David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Cat Stevens, the Ramones, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and even Billy Idol. The eco-album includes songs about recycling, acceptance of differences, and even a song called Stop at a Mom N' Pop that talks about the importance of shopping locally. 

Here's an excerpt from There Is No Away, (which you can actually download for free on the website.)

We'll make it better,

When we think again of our friends,

In the water, in the air, and on land.

We'll make it better when we think of our friends.

Today is the day we sing for the turtle, for the bluebird, for the wolf too.

We sing and we say, there is no away,

They're depending on me and on you.

It's cool music that the whole family will love. You'll honestly be glad when your kids want to hear it again and again. And you'll be glad when the whole family is singing along to these eco-tunes.

Uncle Rock gives families The Big Picture
Here's a new album that offers good eco-rock for all ages. The Big Picture is a socially conscious salute to Uncle Rock's (aka Robert Burke Waren's) musical her