Parents, get ready for some good news. Netflix will once again make your life easier by helping you trick your kids this New Year's Eve.

Remember those pre-kid years, when you used to relish staying awake until the wee hours on New Year's Eve, toasting and celebrating with friends and family? But once the kids came along, sleep became more precious, and losing it to watch some ball drop from a building seemed like a waste of time. Not to mention that keeping kids up past their bedtime — no matter how much they beg — is against the credo of almost any parent who has struggled for the last 364 days to get their kids to sleep at a decent time.

According to Netflix, 41 percent of parents already "trick" their kids into thinking it's midnight when it's really a much more reasonable hour. Last year, Netflix got in on the ruse by releasing a three-minute on-demand countdown video starring King Julian of "Madagascar" fame that parents could spool up and stream whenever they saw fit.

This year, parents can customize the con by letting kids choose their favorite countdown hosts. Kids can choose from countdown videos starring the Care Bears, Inspector Gadget, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Project Mc2, Puffin Rock, or good old King Julian.

As Netflix says, "We won't tell them it's not midnight if you don't." Just log on to Netflix anytime on Dec. 31 to spool up the countdown.

I think I can speak for parents everywhere when I send a big, fat thank you to Netflix for this one.

Use Netflix countdown to trick kids this New Year's Eve
Parents: Netflix has your back once again with its custom NYE countdown clock.