Good news for Vermonters on the BPA front.  The Green Mountain state lived up to its nickname last week when Gov. James Douglas signed into law one of the country's strongest bans on food containers that contain the controversial chemical.  The ban will effect everything from baby bottles and water bottles to canned foods.

Study after study has rolled in over the last few years on the potential health effects of BPA.  Thus far the chemical has been linked to a number of diseases such as asthma, diabetes, impaired liver function, reproductive disorders, and obesity.  

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other counties have banned outright BPA in baby bottles and formula and last year the World Health Organization announced it would launch a study to assess the health effects of the chemical.  Vermont's upcoming BPA ban is matched only by a law passed in recent years by the state of Connecticut.  

Still, even though the ban was signed in to law last week, several of the provisions won't take effect until 2012 and 2014 to allow retailers to get items off the shelves and manufacturers to ensure that new shipments to Vermont don't contain BPA.  So Vermonters should still be wary and look for the BPA-free label on products for the next few years.

Vermont cracks down on BPA
Vermont signs into law one of the country's strongest bans on BPA.