Despite our country's efforts to ensure no child is left behind, it is painfully obvious to any parent or caregiver with a child in the public system that America as a country is doing just that — and at an alarming rate. It seems that every four years new politicians come on the scene with new promises and slogans, but few make any concrete progress in fixing what many experts now call America's broken public system.

A new film coming out in theaters in a few weeks takes an in-depth look at this ailing system, following five families as they struggle to get a better education for their kids. The documentary, "Waiting For Superman" is the brainchild of Academy Award-winning director David Guggenheim, and it puts names and faces on the statistics behind the issue.  

In "Superman", Guggenheim not only reviews what's wrong with public education — surveying "drop-out factories" and "academic sinkholes," — but he also looks for hope in the innovative approaches that many good teachers and education reformers are using to ensure that truly no student is left behind.  

Check out the "Waiting For Superman" site to watch a trailer for the movie and make a pledge to see the film. Your pledge really will make a difference — several of the movie's sponsors will contribute to schools and other academic ventures based on clicks. For example, First Book will donate 250,00 books to schools nationwide since the movie met its goal of 50,000 pledges. 

Waiting for 'Superman'
New movie takes an in-depth look at America's ailing public schools.