Need help studying for your next exam? Turns out, those little devices we all carry in our pockets are good for more than just tweeting and status updates. These five apps can help you study like a pro and ace your next quiz or test.

Chegg Flashcards. This app lets you create flashcards for any subject on your iPad or smartphone. Add pictures and diagrams along with important notes about any topic you wish. Or choose from pre-made flashcards in everything from math to chemistry to accounting.  

Evernote Peek. Looking for a fun way to study for your next test? This app lets you "peek" at a clue or question before giving you the correct answer. Using the iPad SmartCover, or a virtual cover option, simply lift a corner of the cover to reveal the question. Lift it higher to get the answer. Close the cover and repeat to get the next question.

Study Blue. More than just a simple flashcard app, Study Blue also gives you feedback on what you know and what you need to work on. Utilize the app's filters to set aside material you have already mastered so that you can focus on reviewing material that you have not yet answered correctly. It also has a messaging component so if everyone in your study group has the app, you can message each other with notes or questions.  

Study Checker. You're convinced that you spent hours studying for that test — so how could you have failed it? Maybe those "hours" you thought you spent studying were actually interrupted with texts, phone calls and social media. Keep track of your study time with this app that records when you are studying and when you are taking a break. You can break down the info by day, week, month, or any other designated time period to see when your studying is actually effective and when you need to work harder to concentrate.

Quizlet. If you're looking for a flashcard app with ready made flashcards, look no further than Quizlet. With more than 10 million free sets of digital flashcards, Quizlet can help you study everything from art to math to languages. And you can choose how you want to study them, choosing flashcards, matching, speed quizzes, or straight-up tests.  

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