Are you ready for a challenge? Eco-blogger Crunchy Chicken wants you to freeze yer buns this winter. Translation...she wants you to pledge to turn down your thermostat to save energy, save money, and save the planet. From her blog...

"Because of the economic situation, most everyone is tightening up their purse strings, plus heating costs (oil, natural gas and electricity) are expected to be a lot higher this year than last, so you have even more incentive to hop on board the chapped cheeks express." Crunchy Chicken is pledging to set her thermostat to 62 degrees during the day and 55 at night...BRRR! She's also pledging to offer hints and tips on her site all winter long for keeping the thermostat low. Are you ready to freeze yer buns? Go ahead and sign up for the Freeze Yer Buns Challenge 2008.
Want to freeze yer buns?
Enter Crunchy Chicken's challenge to turn down the thermostat this winter!