Investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett is known for many things, but starring in a kids' cartoon isn’t the first that comes to mind. But that's exactly where you can find him now, in his animated show "The Secret Millionaires Club," which strives to bring financial education to kids.

"The Secret Millionaires Club" is an animated series that features Buffett as a mentor to a group of entrepreneurial kids whose adventures lead them to encounter financial and business problems. The program teaches the basics of good financial decision making and some of the basic lessons of starting a business. The animated series has 26 online short webisodes that kids (and parents) can watch for free. The show also launched on the HUB cable network last month.

In a recent Yahoo Q&A, Buffett shared his reasoning for starting the cartoon and why he thinks it's so important to teach kids about money matters. Here are some highlights:

The right age to teach kids about money: “It’s never too early. Whether it’s teaching kids the value of a dollar, the difference between needs and wants, or the value of saving. These are all concepts that kids encounter at a very early age, so best to help them to understand it.”

The importance of early influence: “So many adults get into financial trouble, in business and in their personal lives, because of bad decisions. We hope to influence kids at an early age so they learn to think about their actions, and the consequences of making bad decisions. It doesn’t just influence success in business, it influences your family life as well.”

The importance of parent viewers: “We created 'Secret Millionaire Club' for kids, knowing it would also help parents. And it has. It provides stories that kids can relate to which help them understand different situations in business and in life, and hopefully help them develop the skills to make good decisions their whole life.”

You can catch all of the webisodes over on "The Secret Millionaires Club" website.

Warren Buffett's tips on teaching kids about money
In his new animated web series, The Secret Millionaire, financial guru Warren Buffett shares business tips with kids.