In his recent TedEx talk, former Secretary of State Colin Powell shares his personal thoughts on why it's so important to invest in children by giving them structure, responsibility, and a good start in life.  He talks about how today's kids will be the next generation of leaders and he shares how the military helped to shape him into the man and the leader that he is today.  

I can't imagine ever seriously asking my kids to stand at attention when the talk to me, but then again, I'm not a General and former world leader.  And I certainly do see his point that our children's education begins well before we send them off to school.  

Powell's talk is promoting the organization America's Promise Alliance, an organization which supports children through volunteer networks, of which Powell is Founding Chairman.

What do you think about Powell's take on raising kids?

Watch: Colin Powell on why kids need structure
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell shares his thoughts on why we need to invest in our children and give them the gift of a good start in life.