I love this feel-good video featuring a Good Samaritan flash mob.  It will definitely make me think twice the next time I pick up litter on the sidewalk or toss a bottle in the recycling.  What if we all got a standing ovation every time we did something good for the environment?  

You certainly don't have to speak French to understand the gist of this video, but if you'd like to know what they are saying, I've got some (very) rough translations here:

--Each year, 671 kg of plastic are produced in the world.

--Each year, 400 million containters are not recycled in Quebec.

--There are 18,000 bits of plastic that float on each km2 of ocean.

--91% of Quebecois are concerned about the environment.  And you?

My French is really rusty, so if you have a better translation, feel free to post it below! 

Watch: Good Samaritan flash mob
What if you got a standing ovation the next time you threw something in the recycling?