I'm rather proud of the fact that I have somehow made it almost a decade into my kids' lives without ever purchasing store-bought Easter baskets.  Every year, I just decorate whatever baskets I have around the house with ribbon and fill them with goodies. After all, the basket is hardly the star of the show once the kids see the yummy treats and gifts inside, right?  


But the problem is that I have never had two baskets the same size. When my kids were little, this wasn't a problem because they didn't even notice. But this year, now that they are 6 and 9 and everything is a competition, I know that they will. Still, I don't feel like feeding the corporate Easter bunny just to celebrate the day.  


So I was psyched to find this quick and easy Easter basket craft on YouTube. I love that I can put this together right now using materials from my recycling bin. And the best part? When Easter is over I can put the carton right back in there.  


Check it out ...


Watch: How to make an Easter basket
Need an Easter basket in a jiffy? Here's a quick and easy way to make one using materials from your recycling bin.