A few months ago, MNN's food blogger Robin Shreeves brought us the story of Mrs. Q, an anonymous food blogger hoping to to raise awareness about the quality of school lunches across the U.S. Mrs. Q is a teacher in a Midwestern school who has vowed not only to write about school lunches every day for the next year, but also to eat these very same school lunches ... giving parents, school administrators and health experts a better idea about how an overly processed, nutrient-lacking lunch leaves a person feeling at the end of the day.

Watch as she shares her story this morning on Good Morning America. (And stay tuned at the end to hear what Jamie Oliver, the chef behind the new series Food Revolution, thinks about Mrs. Q.)

Watch: Mrs. Q on 'GMA'
Anonymous blogger behind "Fed Up with Lunch" hits Good Morning America with her message on improving school lunches.