Tavi Gevinson broke onto the fashion scene at the age of eleven when her blog, StyleRookie skyrocketed to popularity with both young girls and fashion hot-shots.  She recently started an online magazine called Rookie, that hit one-million page views within five days of launching last fall.  As she explains it, Rookie is not a place for girls to get all the answers, but to figure out what questions to ask, and give themselves permission to ask them.  


In this Tedx Teen talk, Gevinson - now 15 - explains how her site aims to put a "new, unapologetically uncertain and richly complex face on modern feminism."  And she talks about the need for young girls to have role models that are strong, complex, and even flawed.


She's certainly a force to reckon with and I only wish that I had things half as figured out when I was her age.  Or heck, even now when I'm twice (okay almost three times) her age.  This talk is well worth the watch.


What do you think about Gevinson's talk?  Are you ready to be Stevie Nicks?





Watch: Tavi Gevinson is a teen just trying to figure it all out
Tavi Gevinson, teen blogger and activist, tells Tedx Teen why girls need more strong and richly complex role models.