Last year was one that I would just as soon forget. I won't go into the specifics except to say that several of my friends and I dubbed the year "WYE" — as in "Worst Year Ever" — and every time yet another horrible something happened, we chalked it up to the gloom and doom surrounding the WYE. At the time, I remember wishing that I could find a way to focus on the positive. That life surely was dishing out more than just lemons and that I was just missing the lemonade. But I was stuck in a slump of barely recovering from one negative event when another seemed to strike.

I wish that I had known then about the awesome blog called 1000 Awesome Things. Written by blogger, author and speaker Neil Pasricha, 1000 Awesome Things is a catalog of life's small joys and simplest pleasures. As he explains in this TED talk below, Pasricha started the blog in June 2008 after suffering a few setbacks in his own life and making the conscious decision to focus on the good and not the bad that life threw his way.  

It's an inspirational mindset, and one that I hope to follow. If nothing else, I plan to tuck his blog away in my back pocket to break out in case of emergencies.

Check out Pasricha explaining why he started his blog, and how you can see life as awesome, no matter how many lemons get thrown your way...

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