If you have only five minutes today, use them to watch the first five minutes of this video. If you've got 20, watch the whole thing.


In the first five minutes, spoken word poet Sarah Kay performs her poem, "If I Had A Daughter..." Trust me when I tell you that it is worth watching, and worth showing your own daughter if you have one.


Kay continues for the rest of the video talking about the power of spoken word poetry, and it's an excellent watch as well. I'm not a poet, nor am I a performer, but I really love her ideas and message about staying open to new ideas, and new methods of expressing them.


Pretty easy to see why this talk earned Kay two standing ovations at the TED conference. Enjoy. And let me know what you think.


Watch: The TED Talk that got 2 standing ovations
Watch the TED Talk that got two standing ovations. Spoken word poet Sarah Kay performs her poem, "If I Had A Daughter," and talks about the power of new ideas.