He's barely old enough to sit at the table, but toddler Luiz Antonio still manages to get right to the point about why we should all be vegetarians in this touching video filmed by his mom.  

In the video, Luiz's mom is trying to get him to eat his lunch — octopus with gnocchi and rice — which I can only assume is the standard fare for toddlers in Luiz's country. He doesn't turn his nose up at the idea of eating octopus because he thinks it's weird or gross. He simply points out that he likes octopus and doesn't want them to die so that he can eat. "I like them to stay standing up," he says adorably when also talking about chickens, cows, and pigs, and why he doesn't want to eat them either.

Finally, he captures the heart of vegetarinism with one line: "These animals, you gotta take care of them ... and not eat them!"

From the mouths of babes ...

Watch: Toddler explains why we should all be vegetarians
In this sweet home video, a young toddler explains why we should not be eating animals.