Check out this YouTube footage of a woman being harassed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when she asked for an alternative screening for her breast milk — an alternative screening allowed under TSA guidelines for breast milk and other liquids that qualify as "medical liquids" that should not be exposed to radiation.

My first reaction when I saw this video was that it was unbelievable. I mean, really, who would harass a woman over her breast milk? Then I realized that it is entirely believable — and incredibly sad. It's impossible to tell without sound how the dialogue went, and it's entirely possible that the woman was rude to the agents. But she had the law on her side, and according to the video, this wasn't her first flight or the first time she had encountered this issue. So if I were in her shoes, I would probably be a little rude and defensive, too.

What do you think? Is this video footage an example of TSA screening gone too far, or was this "horse and pony show" justified?

Watch: TSA harasses mom over breast milk
Stunning footage shows mom being detained and harassed by the TSA over the screening of her breastmilk.