We've all heard about the research.  That kids who spend time outdoors are more relaxed and creative and do better in school than their peers who don't spend as much time in nature.  But do you ever find yourself at a loss for what to actually do with your kids outside?


If you do, you are not alone.  And now there is a resource that puts outdoor fun at the tip of your fingers with just the click of a mouse.  Children and Nature is a new site that is loaded with research in support of getting kids in nature and activity guides for making it happen.  


On their Nature Rocks page, you can enter in the amount of time you have available, the type of outdoor location you plan to visit, and the age of your child or children.  I searched for hour-long backyard play activities for my six to ten year olds and came up with a list of almost twenty ideas - most of which my girls have never tried.


You can also use the site to find organized outdoor events in your area or even hook up with nature clubs for families near you.


Check it out.  And have a fun weekend outdoors!

Website helps families get outside
Children and Nature website has great info and ideas for families looking to get outside.