As I sat down at my computer to write this morning, I had a list of items that I wanted to write about - all at once.  Some days it's just too hard to pick, and so I'll let you decide.  Here are four great stories to see you through the weekend.  Check them out as time permits over the next few days.  

--Want some encouaging news? Read this - Dear Virgin America, I Love You, But Not Your Plastic Bottles.  On Wednesday, I wrote about green mom Lori Alper's victory in petitioning Tide to clean up their act.  Another fellow greenie had a smiliar success-in-the-making this week.  Plastic-free advocate Beth Terry wrote this open letter to Sir Richand Branson and David Cush, the founder and CEO of Virgin America.  Sir Branson not only responded to her letter with a blog on Virgin entitled Plastic on our airline, but he also invited Terry to a sit-down chat where they can "work out how all three of the Virgin airlines can reduce plastic usage further."  Well done Beth!

--This study on Scientic American - Scientists Discover Children's Cells Living in Mothers' Brains - blew my mind this week.  As a mom, I knew that I was passing on a lot of cells and genetic material to my girls, but I never thought about the cells that they left behind in me.  It just goes to show that motherhood changes us all in even more ways than previously thought.

--For a little comic relief as you roll through this weekend, check out Scary Mommy's 25 Ways You Know Your Parent.  The funny thing is, at one point or another, I could identify with every single one of the items on this list.  And oddly enough, I actually miss some of the ones that my girls have outgrown.  Sigh.  Can you relate?

--Finally, I leave you with this video from Kid President.  Watch it.  And then go be awesome.

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