Hold on to your hats and grab your tissue box (or your sustainable, reusable hankie,) because the videos I have to see you through this weekend are something to behold. No doubt, they are both a bit depressing, but they are also just the kick in the pants that I think many of us need sometimes to keep going and to fighter harder, stronger, and louder about the environmental and health issues affecting our families today.

For starters, check out this video on the effects of plastics on our environment. The footage is absolutely heartbreaking.

Plastics Live Forever

Had enough? Not even close. Now check out this video on the effects of toxins and pollutants on our children. It will scare the pants off of you.

Contaminated Without Consent

My initial reaction to both of these videos was to go back to my bed and cry. But then I read this in a post by Beth Terry (ala Fake Plastic Fish)
And then, once again, I realize that I am living in the future instead of the present moment. We’re not screwed, yet. We’re all still alive, and there is work to be done. We can stop when we’re dead. For now, let’s smell the flowers (because there’s still so much incredible beauty in the world) and get back to the task at hand: loving this planet and each other in the best ways we know how.
Well said Beth. So there you have it. Things are grim, but we're not screwed yet. So let's keep fighting for a greener future.
Weekend wakeup call
Two haunting videos that will make you cry, make you scream, and (hopefully) make you act.