Wegmans Food Markets Inc., announced over the weekend that it will replace reusable shopping bags after a consumer testing found that the bags contained high levels of lead.

According to the company's spokeswoman, Jo Natale, Wegmans will soon post notices in all 76 of its stores and on its website, offering consumers a replacement. The bag in question is the Chinese-made green Wegmans bag with a pea design (pictured at left).  It contained lead at 799 parts per million, eight times higher than permitted by New York law.

Wegmans' red and purple bags showed less than 2 parts per million, while a black Wegmans tote had 59 parts per million. New York state law (where many of the bags were sold) limits lead to as high as 100 parts per million.

More than 725,000 bags were sold at stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland, she said.

Wegmans replaces lead-laced reusable bags
Wegmans food stores replace reusable bags after group cites high lead levels.