Wesley Marriott learned two things growing up in a house will 11 kids — that competition can be fun and that life is better when you're playing games. As a kid, Marriott and his 10 brothers and sisters "had a love affair with beating the junk out of each other," playing board games and card games. So it's no wonder that he grew up to design a card game of his own.

Marriott's Kickstarter for his new game, "Goat Lords," hit the ground running and was completely funded within two hours. And interest continues to grow. As Marriott describes it, "Goat Lords is a highly-competitive card game involving thievery, gambling, explosions, intense competition and of course GOATS!" Throughout the game, players will birth goats, steal goats, duel their enemies and match goats in an effort to grow their herd and ultimately win the unofficial title of "Lords of the Goats."

Goat Lords card game Goat Lords is a new card game that involves stealing, gambling, explosions, strategy. And of course, goats! (Photo: Wesley Marriott)

Marriott was kind enough to chat with us about his family, his new game, and his plans for the future.

For starters, the obvious question ... why goats? I saw that you have two goats. What about them inspired you to create a goat-themed card game?

So, I actually didn't originally have the two goats, but my family has a little farm in the mountains and we have had horses, a few cattle and a pony, and I thought why not a couple more animals? I saw so many games out there, and I saw that goats were kind of a trend that people like to post about and talk about, so i followed that trend. They are pretty cute.

Have you played a version of this game yet with any of your siblings? If so, what were their reactions?

My family loved the game.They are mostly competitive and they can be loud. They all loved the game, and obviously the losers wanted to play another round or two.

What is your favorite card to draw or use during the game? Do you have any strategy tips to share?

I love playing the Atomic Goat, which is an action card that blows up part of an opponent's goat herd, it always throws a wrench in their strategy.

Marriott Family Christmas card The Marriott Family Christmas Card, circa 1994. (Photo: Wesley Marriott)

Where were you in the 1-11 lineup? How did that affect your gaming strategy as a kid (or now)?

I am the 10th child, so obviously it has been a long uphill battle to "prove" that I am worth their respect. Since the last five are boys, we always had high competition to show whose strategies were best. Since I was younger, my victories were all the sweeter. I'm sure I threw some tantrums growing up after losing, but even now we still bicker over a loss.

Were you surprised that Goat Lords hit its funding requirement within 2 hours? How big do you think it will get?

I am hopeful for the future. I think the more people play the game the more people will buy it. I had a GOAT-A-PALOOZA with about 50 people playing the game last Saturday, along with baby goat petting, and guess the goat weight. Many people who played for the first time ended up buying the game later on Kickstarter.

Here's the teaser video:

Wesley Marriott created a hilarious new card game that's bound to get your goat
Wesley Marriott's competitive childhood planted the seeds for the launch of 'Goat Lords.'