So my youngest daughter, who has been anxiously awaiting the loss of her first tooth, just lost her first TWO teeth at once. When my eldest lost her first tooth, we — I mean, the tooth fairy — gave her $5 plus a lovely note. For each additional tooth she raked in $1.

But a few nights ago, at 10 p.m., I had to figure out what the protocol was for a kid who loses two "first" teeth within a few minutes of each other. Does the tooth fairy pay double? Does this warrant a gift?

To get answers, I turned to Facebook and asked family and friends to weigh in on what they would do, and what their local tooth fairy pays for the average lost tooth.

In March I wrote a post about a national survey that found that parents had decreased the amount they were allocating for tooth fairy funds. But judging by my recent informal survey, prices are on the rise again. A few parents thought $1 per tooth would do the trick, while others thought this occasion was so special that it warranted a cool $20. Overall, most people suggested that I give my daughter $5 per tooth.

My favorite response came from Lynne Miller of Organic Mania who suggested "[y]ou better ask her best friend's mother! :-)" Good call! And I really liked Tiffany Norton of Picnic Basket Crafts, who said this about tooth fairy protocol, "My tooth fairy stops at the door if the room is too messy for her to navigate to the bed safely. She's a delicate little thing. A neat freak wimp, and kind of unreliable. She'll make a second trip a few days later, but you just never know when she'll show up. It's like waiting for the plumber."

In the end, we decided to dole out $5 per tooth for a total of 10 buckaroos under the pillow plus a sweet note of congratulations signed by the winged fairy herself.

What what you have done in this unique situation? What does your local tooth fairy give kids for lost teeth?

What should the tooth fairy pay for lost teeth?
How much should the tooth fairy pay for lost teeth? MNN's family blogger asks readers to weigh in on a special 'tooth fairy' situation.