Why Is The Sky Blue?

Infographic by ajrdesign

It's a question as old as time, one asked by toddlers for generations, a question that has been sure to stump parents since there have been parents to stump.  

Why is the sky blue?

If you have kids, you have likely been asked the question at least once in your lifetime. More than likely it was when you were driving, or about to walk into church, or in line at the grocery store, or in some other way forced to try to come up with a quick and simple answer to this question that uses the language of a 2-year-old (or 5-year-old or 10-year-old.)

So here, at long last, is the answer. Short and sweet in three easy pieces — with a bonus answer for why the sky turns so many colors at sunset.  

Take 30 seconds and read through the text and your question — or rather your child's question — will be answered.

As for that other kid-stumper — which came first, the chicken or the egg? — we've got an answer for that, too.

Go relax and enjoy your weekend. We've got you covered.

Why is the sky blue? [Infographic]
A short and simple answer to the question that has stumped parents for generations.