True love is a phrase that is tossed around a lot — on blogs, in books, and most definitely in Hollywood. But real true love? Some might question whether it truly exists. If you have doubts, check out this story. It's sure to knock your socks off more than any reality TV romance. It will have you reaching for the tissues faster than you can say Nicholas Sparks.

John Silva knew real, true love. You want to know how I know that? Because he has still found a way to dine with his wife, Hilda, even though he lost her five years ago. Take a look:

John Silva dines with a photo of his late wife, Hilda

As the story goes, a Twitter user by the name of Madina Bashizaduah (aka @Maaadina) was eating out at In-N-Out Burger in Fremont, California, when she noticed a man sitting at a booth all by himself, except for a laminated photo by his side.

The photo was of his late wife who passed away several years ago, but who was still the love of his life.

"The two love birds apparently met when the elderly man was only 17 years old, but the war had kept them apart,” Bashizaduah explained in an interview with ABC News.

When he found her again, they were married instantly and stayed so for the next 55 years until her death. "He takes her photo everywhere,” Bashizaduah added. On one side of the laminated photo is a picture of the adorable couple sitting on a couch together. On the other side was a picture of them side-by-side when they were young.

Bashizaduah was so moved by the Silva's story and devotion that she tweeted a pic of him dining with his late wife. In true Internet meme fashion, the picture went viral and now has close to 9,000 retweets and 14,000 favorites. The world fell in love with Silva and his touching devotion to his late wife. The U.K.'s Daily Mail even managed to track him down — you can read the story about John and Hilda's true romance here.

True love, baby. Now that's the real thing.

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