Like most kids, both of my daughters adore animals. But my youngest daughter, Erin, is a real animal nut. She'll choose a zebra or a cow toy over a princess dress or Barbie doll any day. She knows the difference between a baiji (a rare river dolphin) and an okapi (the bizarre horse/zebra cross,) and her favorite question to ask new acquaintances is, "What's your favorite animal?"

When she was a baby, she loved to flip through animal board books just to look at the pictures and learn animal names. But now that she is a little older (she just turned three), she wants a little more info with each picture. Still, she's not quite ready for the the technical details — and delicate pages — of the "big kid" animal books.

Enter the padded-board book series from Tiger Tales. Each page is filled with pictures and facts about her favorite animals. And more importantly, the pages are sturdy enough to hold up to a 3-year-olds ... umm ... vigorous reading style. The book is marketed for the 9-12 reading level, but my six year old, a beginning reader, can read each page with ease.

Got a young animal lover in your house? You can't go wrong with this padded board book series on animals.

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Animal book series captures the interest of young readers.