Will politics shut down this year's White House Easter Egg Roll?  

This year, like hundreds of thousands of other folks around the U.S., I threw my name in the hat to try to get lottery tickets to the annual White House event. I didn't get tickets, and neither did any of my friends or family, but 35,000 people did. And their joy at being chosen was probably quickly replaced by anguish this week when they received word that the White House might cancel the event because of the sequester.

Earlier this month, the White House announced that public tours would be canceled for the foreseeable future due to the financial constraints imposed by the sequester. White House officials sent out a similar memo this week to Congress and to everyone who obtained tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll that the event might be canceled as well.

“Finally, by using these tickets, guests are acknowledging that this event is subject to cancelation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the Executive Office of the President and other federal agencies,” it reads. “If canceled, the event will not be re-scheduled. We will notify you if there are any modifications to this event.”

According to a recent "Today" show interview with a White House staffer, the cancelation is unlikely. And the White House certainly made it seemed like the event would go off as planned when it released this video yesterday of Bo, the first dog, hunting for official 2013 White House Easter Eggs on the South Lawn.

So what do you think? Will the White House Easter Egg Roll go off without a hitch? Or will sequestration put a damper on the family fun?
Will the White House Easter Egg Roll get sequestered?
White House officials released a memo this week suggesting the sequester could shut down the 135 annual White House Easter Egg Roll.