Got tissues?  You are definitely going to need them for this one.  

Rachel Wolf of Auburn California was not planing to get married.  The 25- year-old is not even engaged.  But when she realized that her dad, Dr. James Wolf, would probably not be alive to see her real wedding, she decided to stage a "fake" wedding just to have that father-daughter wedding dance with her dad.

James is losing is battle with pancreatic cancer and his doctors don't think he has much time left to live.  But last week he got decked out in his tux and danced with his daughter in her bridal finery to "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman in a park gazebo. It's a song that she says in the video, she picked out just for him.  And it tells the story about a little girl who constantly wanted to dance with her father. 

Go get those tissues...

Woman stages wedding to have last dance with dying dad
She's not even engaged, but this Calif. woman pretended to get married - so she could share the moment with her dying dad.