A new Facebook page had skyrocketed to popularity and it has nothing to do with the latest starlet or rock star. The new site, started just days before Christmas, has more than 37,000 "Likes'" and the numbers are growing every minute.  


The page's creators are unlikely stars as well. Rebecca Sypin, 32, is a special-education teacher living in Lancaster, Calif.  Jane Bingham, 42, is a photographer from Sewell, N.J. What has brought these two women together? Cancer.  


Bingham has lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatments to treat lymphoma. Sypin's 12-year-old daughter also lost her hair this year in her own battle with leukemia. In an effort to honor girls and women who have lost their hair in their battles with cancer, Sypin and Bingham hatched the idea to lobby toy maker Mattel, manufacturer of the iconic Barbie dolls, to create a bald Barbie doll. Their Facebook page, "Beautiful and Bald Barbie! Let's see if we can get it made" is racking up support around the world for the idea.


One recent commentor wrote:


"If they can make a pregnant Barbie, a Beyonce Barbie, Brittany Spears, Bieber fever, & even Obama & Michelle Barbie just because they know they will sell, They surely can make a "Cancer Battle Barbie" not only will ppl buy it because they personally know the struggle but because EVERYONE knows someone that either survived or is battling cancer now... I CANT WAIT TO BUY ONE..."


Sypin and Bingham say they have contacted the company through some general form letters but received word back from Mattel that the company doesn't accept ideas from outside sources.  


A petition was started on Change.org just a few hours ago (it already has more than 700 signatures as of this writing) entitled Research and Development: Begin production on Beautiful & Bald Barbie Doll.  


The women say a bald Barbie would provide a huge platform to raise awareness for children with cancer.  


I know I would buy one.  How about you?


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